What is it, and how does it work?

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Shared Desks in Downtown Miami

Need a better option than sitting at your local coffee shop, a restaurant or your own living room? Want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, without having to break the piggy? Just drop in, grab a seat and start working at our Shared Desks! (Yes, it is THAT easy); what’s NEXT, is up to you!

What is included on our shared desks options?

While you are at NEXT Workspaces, no matter if you came to work for 30 minutes or a full week, you are our guest! As such, it is our mission to make you feel that NEXT is your office (which it is!); so these, and many more things, are included:

  • Fiber speed Wi-Fi (highest available on the market), all throughout our office.
  • State of the art furniture
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Tired from seating at the desk? Go relax at our super comfortable sofas on any of our lounges, at no extra cost! (and yes, you can take your laptop with you)
  • Complimentary coffee, assorted teas and water.
  • You can book it in advance over the phone, or by email; walk-ins are welcome too!

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