Frequently Asked Questions

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Is NEXT open 24/7?

At NEXT we make sure we are always there for you. Having said that, we believe that working Smart, not around the clock, is what makes success. Our staffed hours of operation are: Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM – 5PM. However, our members are granted access 24/7.

Who can work at NEXT Smart Workspaces?

Anyone and everyone! We cater to the needs of established corporations, Entrepreneurs, professionals, internet Start-ups, free-lancers, as well as students.

Did someone say coffee? Can I have one please?

Of course you can! Coffee is always fresh and available for both guests and tenants, no matter how long you come in the office to work for, 30 minutes or 30 days! We offer you complimentary Coffee (and tea for the more Zen guests).

Oh, cool… so NEXT Workspaces is just an Executive Office?

Not really. Next has more to offer than overpriced sterile offices and expensive flooring. We offer a Smart alternative to fulfill the needs of everyone requiring a workspace to grow their business, connect with likeminded individuals, and always look back on their previous year from a higher ground.

We are like the yoga fans of our industry, the most flexible workspace out there so we can adapt to each and every need our clients might have, entrepreneurs, start-up owners, free-lancers, corporations or University students alike. Needless to say, we have way better pricing than our competitors!

Do I need to book an appointment to go see my NEXT Workspace?

If you have a tight schedule, and want to make sure we have an available representative to show you around our space, answer all your questions and make the most out of your tour through our facilities, please feel free to give us a call, and we will gladly book you in at your convenience. Otherwise, you can just drop by and say hello! We’ll do our best to accommodate a quick tour!