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Coworking after COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up a number of industries, as many businesses came to a screeching halt to ensure that they could flatten the curve as much as possible. Naturally, stopping production or work out of nowhere can create serious issues down the line. And unfortunately, there are very few industries that are ...

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Cybersecurity in 2020: best practices for small business

With the current situation going on in the world, owning a small business is proving to be a challenge. Having to cut hours, reduce staff or close down temporarily are all very serious issues to be dealt with, so it can be easy to let other important tasks fall by the wayside.

One of these ...

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Instagram: how to use this social media for business?

Instagram: how to use this social media for business?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Most likely, when you ask someone what they’re favorite app is, they’ll reply with no hesitation, “Instagram”. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is a visual platform – something Twitter and Facebook would struggle to compete against.
It’s much easier to open an app and scroll through pictures than it is to stop and read post after post after post. So, how can you use this visual platform to market your business?

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7 Tips to Organize Your Day

7 Tips to Organize Your Day

With current times being so crazy, it can be hard to strike a routine. All of us are at home and navigating the obstacle of working from home. It can be hard to focus on your job when you’re at home. This is thanks to constant distractions, improper work environments, pets, kids and so on ...

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7 tips to improve your communication skills

7 tips to improve your communication skills

Communication is key.
You’ve probably heard this phrase a million times, but there’s a reason. Communication is a crucial part of our lives. Without it, we have nothing. No matter what line of work you’re in, your goals, your personal relationships, etc., solid communication skills are essential.

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How To Attract and Manage Millennials For Your Small Business

How To Attract and Manage Millennials For Your Small Business

For any business to sail through and achieve its objectives, one has to hire the right talent to do the job. Embracing diversity is one way of taking your business to the desired levels. You can achieve this by hiring people from diverse generations to work in your company, though it isn’t as easy as ...

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