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7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably already noticed that technology is essential for you and your business – even if you run a non-tech company. Technology also can maximize your productivity if you have access to the right tools.

As an entrepreneur and probably team leader, don’t you think that your day should have ...

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The benefits of networking in a coworking space

The benefits of networking in a coworking space

Working from a coworking space is very different than spending your working hours in your home office or in a coffee shop next to where you live. The main difference is that those places were not made totally for you to spend your whole day on job task– there are always some distractions, things to ...

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Professional events in Miami - 2019

Professional events in Miami - 2019

Over the past few years, Miami has become one of the most important hubs of business, communication, tourism, entertainment and events in North America. When it comes to professional events, there are different kinds available the whole year for the community. Fairs, lectures, congresses, meetings and conferences from different fields of work will take place ...

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Useful tips to increase your productivity in a coworking space

Useful tips to increase your productivity in a coworking space

The coworking is a space where many people go everyday, bringing different information and opening networking opportunities. The exchange of knowledge, ideas and creativity in this work environment is attractive to many open-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. However, being around other vibrant and energetic people can have an impact in day-to-day for those who get easily ...

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Virtual office: advantages for companies with flexible work

Virtual office: advantages for companies with flexible work

With technological resources widely available, many companies and independent professionals can embrace the home office. However, by working at home, those professionals might have an inappropriate structure to do their business properly. In order to improve working conditions, a good option is to invest in virtual offices, which provide a great private space for people ...

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10 professions that can have success in a shared workspace

10 professions that can have success in a shared workspace

When it comes to coworking space, some liberal professionals might think that this kind of place is not suitable for them. But is that true? The fact is: shared workspaces can really contribute for the success of both companies and liberal professionals. With the sharing of knowledge, culture and projects, professionals can experience one of ...

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Does a virtual office suits your company?

Does a virtual office suits your company?

Changing the headquarter to a virtual office could be a smart decision for entrepreneurs who need to save on monthly overhead expenses, such as rent and office equipment, as well as obtain competitive advantage. Despite this, some people still have doubts whether this model suits their company.

The main question is to know if the ...

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What are the etiquette rules in a coworking space?

What are the etiquette rules in a coworking space?

Besides having a good cost-benefit, at a coworking space you can share the same office with different open-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for making business and connecting with other people. This behavior allowed such workspace to grow quickly in popularity around the world. Although coworking spaces are intended for everyone, it is important ...

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